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Wear it loud
for kids with
hearing loss

Friday 18th October


Raised in 2023


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Loud shirts.

How it works

Get loud in any way you like – as a family, at work, with your friends and community group or at school, the opportunities are endless.
Here’s how…

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Register with the Centre of your choice and create your Loud Shirt Day fundraising page.

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Share your fundraising page with family and friends and ask them to support you and the cause.

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Wear it loud!

On Friday 18th October, get LOUD and celebrate the achievements of children with hearing loss!

Your impact

Your support will provide children with hearing loss the resources they need to connect, communicate and thrive!

Kids with hearing loss can achieve anything. Thank you for helping them reach their full potential.

Drawings of shirts with images of kids within them.

Hear some inspiring stories of how your LOUD fundraising can help give kids with hearing loss a voice.

Thank you.
Your gift makes a world of difference to a child with hearing loss.